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About Camella Homes & Communities

Through the years, Camella Homes has grown to become the largest housing developer in the country. Our master plan for success is simple; for every house that we build, we see a Filipino Family; for every subdivision we create, we envision a Filipino Community.

Our blueprint for housing goes beyond providing high quality housing. It encompasses the passion to create masterfully planned residential projects that provide the perfect environment for raising not only our children but an entire community of families living in a quiet, peaceful and friendly neighborhood.

Camella Homes' ro
ots as a housing developer date back to the early seventies with the first development project undertaken by our founder MANNY B. VILLAR, JR. Under his leadership, we have grown to be the largest housing developer in the Philippines today.

Vital to our continuing leadership and industry is a dynamic and highly responsive marketing network of independent contractors and brokers. We maintain relationships with over 100 general and specialist contractors and over 400 independent brokers who use over 16,000 agents to help potential homebuyers find the house of their dreams.

More so, Camella Homes remains a beacon of hope for overseas Filipino workers seeking to realize their dream of owning homes.